How to create and submit projects to Tolitech Code Generator.

Since this is a data model based code generator, it is necessary that you send us a script containing the structure of your database, ie, schemas, tables, keys, relationships...

Sending the script is performed through a small program developed exclusively for this purpose, read your data model and send us the necessary information. Only the structure, not the data.

To download the program and submit new projects to the Code Generator, you need to log in and download the program in the My Projects .

When you run the program, you will receive a screen for authentication to the system. If you are already registered you can enter your login and password or connect through social networks.

 If the login was successful, you will receive the second screen. A welcome screen.

 It Clicking the "Database" , you must provide some information to the plugin can read and send the captured data. Fill in the server name, username / password and between the databases listed, choose what you would like to send.

Also tell if the selected database was built with tables in the singular, plural, English or Portuguese. With all the information filled in, just click the Next.

 If everything has been done correctly, you will receive confirmation that the data has been transferred to your account and the database can be turned into system.