How generate and test systems published by the tool.

After the initial setup, you can request the system generation. In this procedure, the Code Generator will create and publish a .NET solution releasing a new url for testing.

For this, on the "My Projects" , click on the button "generate code".

 At this point, your system is being created and the process may take a few minutes to complete...

Wait for the whole process to complete.
After all the code generation, your project will be automatically published...

At the end of the publication, you will have two new options: View the proposal created and test the published system. Viewing the proposal, you can view values ​​and forms of payment for the acquisition of the entire project. Clicking on the test , you can navigate freely on the system, creating, browsing, editing and deleting records.

The url tests will be temporarily available for a period of 7 days. After this period, the entire site and created database will be automatically deleted.