How to configure and optimize code generation for your system.

Before the code generation and publication system, you can perform various settings for the created screens and features can further meet the desired needs.

In the tab basic information , fill in the project name, enter the default namespace and indicate whether the database tables they are named in Portuguese / English and singular / plural.

In the second tab master / detail / filter , indicate which screens will be master (father), detail (son ) or contain attributes to be filtered. For example, on a screen of requests, we can filter all requests for the delivered status, canceled, etc. In this case, simply check the checkbox Filter Dbo.Pedido by IdStatus.

For a master / detail screen, simply indicate that dbo.Pedido is dbo.ItemPedido master screen. This would indicate to the system that the order items are children and only exist if the parent application exist.

In the tab properties / resources / grid, enter / confirm the names of classes (singular and plural), their labels, the names of attributes and whether they should or should not appear on the grid.

If there are properties that relate more than once with the same object (multi-related properties), enter / confirm the names of their properties and their display names.

Attribute settings, specify whether to use html editor, upload images, system dates, and other options that appear according to the data type of the attribute.

 Finally, set the special characters to remove any prefix (such as tb_) that exists in your table schema.