Develop systems with quality, in record time and with great economy.

Tolitech Code Generator generates a solution .NET complete and flexible based analyzing their data model.

Your projects ASP.NET MVC are generated automatically, completely, with all divisions of layers and use of best practices and technologies.

Get with speed and accuracy, classes in the model layer, data access, business, controllers, views, resource files, css styles, javascript and more.

Validations as required fields, sizes, data types, formats, among others, are automatically generated according to the preset settings.

To further ensure quality, unit testing of all classes are created, run around and test all the generated code.

In addition to the generation of webapis , you can navigate freely between the generated screens, conduct records and test all the features implemented.

The solution . NET is created, compiled and published at run time, allowing full browsing and records the information for testing.

Learn time the value of the project by clicking on the option proposed.
This displays information such as number of created .NET projects, number of classes, views and even number of generated lines of code.

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Tolitech Code Generator
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